At Coast we like to think we have enough creativity, skill and enthusiasm to cope with anything you throw at us...

..Coast is a Poole based agency made up of a select few creative individuals who, among other things, are helpful, creative, chatty, approachable and generally pleasant people. Our goal – to ensure our clients look splendid to the world. We love the chance to get involved in creative tasks and between us we have an impressive degree of experience in both the printed and the digital variety. The kind gods of the business world have seen fit to grant us plenty of experience in the leisure, retail, environmental, healthcare, conservation and defence sectors but, of course, we are happy to work in any others. In this ever shrinking world, we have clients all across the UK, into Europe and even in the US and are comfortable working with heavyweight corporates and gem-like local businesses. Large campaigns or smaller one off-jobs, we are happy to work on either. Its not the size of the brief, big or small they come with their own challenges, and finding a solution to this is what we do it for. Well, that and the money…

What do the team think about this?
What is your favorite biscuit...
Crunch Cream
Viennese Whirl
Jammy Dodger
Pink Wafer
Malted Milk

Some of the expertise we offer

Design & Marketing
Our creative team delivers effective, design solutions which will go hand-in-hand with your business and marketing objectives. Our arty types can sketch a mean concept before taking this on to the machines to be transformed into beautifully crafted designs. Once we are all happy bunnies, they will set about creating the print ready artwork with almost military precision (OCD!) resulting in a high quality, well thought out, creative job on time and within budget. Perfect.
Web & Digital Marketing
Coast's in-house digital service can apply its extensive and incredibly geeky creative yet organised skills to all things digital including web sites, e-marketing, on-line booking systems, SEO and social media. Not all of us here completely understand this world of code but fortunately the one amongst us who does... really knows their stuff. Video and film production is also an area of expertise including filming, video editing, voice-overs and animation.
Print Management
In this industry it helps to find partners you can rely on. We work with an approved list of just such companies who help us see our creative vision through to the finished printed item, whether it be leaflets, brochures, large format, Point of Sale or direct mail. We will do our upmost to negotiate the best print cost, while always dealing with the printer most suitable for your job. We can also manage distribution and personalised mailings (even if we haven't done the artwork).
Image Creation
Here at Coast we can proudly boast of having the in-house ability to create pretty much anything, image wise. From freehand illustration to subtle photo retouching and 3-D image creation, Coast has the skills to create or manipulate images to the highest level. Whether you want fun and informative maps for your leisure attraction or complex technical illustration for a product brochure, we are happy to put pen to paper. And we don't go over the lines when we colour in.
Exhibition & POS
Whether you need to organise a sales booth for a trade exhibition, create a stunning educational road show, or re-think your whole events stand, Coast will deliver on budget and on expectation. We have designed and managed road shows and exhibitions throughout the UK and Europe, from small shell schemes to great big double deckers. We promise a sound strategy, creativity and unforgettable messaging that your competitors won't be able to stand... Stand, get it? Fair enough.
PR & Copywriting
When it come to words, we partner with a trusted specialist enabling us to offer a full marketing, copywriting and PR service. For clients, it means that they draw on a wide base of knowledge from PR expertise to media handling skills and know-how with a real in-depth understanding of the business world. We’ve developed a keen knowledge of the building industry, construction and consumer home interest sectors, as well as charity, leisure, conservation, travel, electrical, retail and local authority. Our involvement includes exhibitions, newsletters, strategic planning and all the media relations activities such as special features, news releases and media briefings that keep our clients front of mind.

Who are we?

The Coast team combines a wealth of experience with youthful creativity. Some of us have worked in large agencies and come with years of experience in solving all manner of communication dilemmas. Some are as fresh as a daisy and full to the brim with enthusiastic creativity. Some of us are organisers and clock watchers, some are designers and artists. Some think, some draw, some write, some code, but all of us are dedicated. And occasionally one of us will even stick the kettle on.
Rob Steele
Managing Director
Likes: Family, Marmite, my dog Jack, road trips, travelling, rock music, playing in my band, Autumn, train rides, cycling, my collection of vintage milk bottles, Vinyl and Mexican food.
Dislikes: Supermarkets, my dog Jack (after he's rolled in s**t), jazz music, reality TV (X-factor and all those bloody programs), dried fruit, traffic jams and unexpected textures in food.
Frankie Sivess
Office Administrator
Likes: Going out with friends, festivals, going on holiday, chilling in the sun (when it’s hot!) watching movies, listening to music, driving my car, takeaways, shopping for clothes, lazy days and eating loads of sweets!!
Dislikes: Cyclists on the road, rain and cold weather, slow drivers, mornings, being untidy, going to the gym… and cheese!
Jez Hill
Creative Director
Likes: Spending time with family, blasting about on my street rat, cutting grass, watching rugby, UFC and Moto GP, chocolate peanuts (preferably M&S), drawing, books by John Connolly, a nice tidy desk, 3mm bleed (not 2.6732859) and the fact that my pens are always in the same place.
Dislike: Marmalade, people who talk in the cinema and people who mess with my pens!
Sam Covington
Senior Designer
Likes: Being spontaneous, sitting watching the sea, pies (especially steak), being stupid, gimmicks, BMW 850’s, 80’s music, 80’s movies... The 80’s, cakes, bouncing, hot chocolate, helping people reach their potential, being real cheerful first thing in the morning and poetry.
Dislikes: Jools Holland, being hungry, clutter, conformity, misogs, not laughing and sitting still.
Neil Fowler
PR Consultant
Likes: Fun and laughter with the family, peace and quiet with no family, the open road and an empty seat next to me in the Z4, sunny dog walks with Hugo the Airedale, malt (think maltesers and good whisky) nice briefs (ahem!) and happy clients.
Dislikes: Messy briefs, wet walks with Hugo the Airedale, essential food shopping, bad manners and Bad Manners – I was more of a Madness guy.
Rachel Hill
Likes: Chocolate, Ed Sheeran, People who pay on time, a soak in the bath, a good book, Sam Smith, watching movies, the sound of the sea, when all the family have a carpet picnic, having friends over for the evening, especially in the summer when we can sit outside.
Dislikes: Being cold, spitting, bad manners, bad payers and people who park badly.
Grumpy Cactus
Office Misery
Likes: Being miserable, being dry, being annoyed.

Dislikes: Being happy, being nice, being watered too often, people talking about his extra eye.
Here at Coast we are always happy to partner with freelancers. While we are a dedicated group of workaholics, content to put in the hours to get your job done, we are also comfortable to enlist the assistance of talented individuals to help bolster the workforce. If you are a talented freelancer who takes pride in the work they produce then feel free to drop us a line and sell us your services.

Some of the companies we work with

"As well as adding real value to our marketing over the last few years providing a genuine return on investment , Coast can best be summed up as completely reliable, quick to react, quick to deliver, with great creativity and the added benefit of being genuinely nice people to work with!"
Roger Foggitt    Marketing manager .    Heatric
"BIAZA started working with Coast in 2013 and since then they have worked on many different design jobs for all types of audiences. They are such a friendly and helpful team. We have not only found them efficient, but highly creative and always on hand with advice or new ideas. We would definitely recommend their services!"
Zara Gaspar    Communications Manager .    BIAZA
“We have used the services of Coast for a number of years and engaged them with various projects including brochure, website, and advertisement design. All have been completed to the highest standard – a thoroughly efficient and highly recommended agency.”
Andrew Smith    Marketing Director .    Trimetals