Video & Animation

Targeted Video production and animation services in Dorset

Video production and animation are two things we love to get involved in. Whether it’s a product promotional video or an animation to inform, we have been involved in the art direction for videos and helped illustrate and create bespoke animations. We have trusted suppliers we use for more complex video and animation projects, but we also have the capability of creating compelling, short videos for digital advertising screens in house.

Why choose us for video and animation services? 

  • With our experienced team, we can get involved with any animation and video production project. From short video editing to long, stylised animation, we have everything you need to help you create great content for you website or social media platform.
  • We offer suggestions that can help improve the overall video or animation and potentially improve viewing rates.
  • When creating a video or animation, we always have a clear understanding of your vision and target market in mind. This can enable us to create better video for your business that has clear direction and simple communication.

Our animation and video work:

Isle of Wight Zoo Advertising

We recently created this 10 second advertising video for the Isle of Wight Zoo to be shown on the Red Funnel ferries going to the Isle of Wight. There were three main messages we needed to include; the lions new house, the new meerkat family and the playground. Using a combination of basic animation and video footage, we were able to create an interesting 10 second video to help promote the zoo’s new attraction for the coming summer months.

M&S Animation

Using our own illustration style, we had to create an animation based on the recycling process at M&S. We storyboarded the scenes, detailing what was to happen in each frame and illustrated the scenes with a very loose style of illustration. After this the storyboard and illustrations were taken to our trusted animator, who worked his magic! The end result is a very unique and interesting animation to help inform staff and others of their recycling process.

Trimetals –

We worked with one of our trusted partners to help create Trimetals’ own product videos. We were asked to find a suitable location, find models / actors to play in the video and also give art direction in the final edits of the video. Trimetals wanted to show how their patio box was used and how it functioned in the video and the final cut has great examples of what this metal storage container can be used for.

Bioquell POD –

We were asked to create a 3D version of Bioquell’s POD system to show prospective clients how their systems could work in-situ. We partnered with our trusted supplier, to render a 3D animation of where the POD would go and how it could be constructed in the health sector.