Image Creation and Photo Retouching

21st Century Horse Van Wrap -

To help market their business on the go, 21st Century Horse asked us to create a van wrap for their new convoy of vehicles. Using their brand colours and brand style, we created a unique design using images of their products and gold vinyl. We wanted to create the illusion that the inside of the van was like the high-end stables that they create for their clients. To do this we used an image  of a recent stable construction on the back of the van. As most other vans use straight text and logos, we wanted to add something different – something that would stand out against the competition and be striking at the same time. So we decided to angle the logo and text to the break linear lines of the van and to help divert attention to the design.

M&S Photography

We collaborated with one of our trusted photographers, and used our own art direction to create recycling images for M&S. They were to be used across various M&S stores to help inform staff of what can be recycling in each bin and where. We visited the studio of our photographer and directed the lighting, composition and also the placement of the items.

Isle of wight Zoo Map

Alongside the redesign of their brand, we were asked to illustrate their map to be used for signage at the zoo and also in the consumer leaflets. Keeping in mind their target audience, we illustrated the map in  style that clean, yet had a slightly fun and interesting style. We added in quirky illustrated images of the animals to inform and engage the visitors whilst in the park.

Image Creation and Photo Retouching in Dorset

If you are looking for unique illustrations, photo-retouching, photography or photo editing, we have everything here at our office in Poole, Dorset to help you create the right look for your business.

With our extensive knowledge in illustration, we can draw and create fantastic infographics, diagrams and even create patterns for your business. Our clients have enjoyed using many of illustrative techniques for maps, leaflets, brochures, websites and even for animation. Aside from illustration, we have been involved in photoshoots involving landscapes, products and portraits, all for use on marketing materials and websites.

If it’s photo-editing or retouching you require, we can create images from scratch and combine separate photos to create one image for use on websites and more. We can even edit out annoying distractions in your own images to help give you the perfect picture for your business.


Why choose us for image creation services? 

  • We have in-house illustrators that can quickly and effectively work on your projects to give you creative and striking illustrations. No matter what style you are looking for, we are adaptable and can create illustrations that are perfect for your needs.
  • We have in-house photography capabilities, but also have the option of more in-depth photographic services with our trusted supplier. Whether you’re looking for product photography, or in-situ premises shots, we have you covered for any photography.
  • If you have images that need to be editing, we have been photoshopping images for over 10 years and have extensive knowledge in helping to create the perfect image for you.