Logo Design

Isle of Wight Zoo Logo Design

We we asked to create a logo and subsequent brand for the Isle of Wight Zoo, which we tackled with great enthusiasm! Their target audience are mainly families, so we wanted to create a logo that reflected the fun and earthy nature of the zoo, whilst maintaining a slightly modern and fresh look. The paw print emblem is aimed the fact most of their rescue animals are big cats, but we also snuck in a little tiger heart which is part of their wild heart trust logo. The fresh orange colour helps incorporate a fun approach whilst also being relevant to the many tigers they look after at the zoo.

Heatric Logo Design

Heatric Logo Re-Work
We have worked with Heatric before in the past, but we were approached to give their logo and bit of a refresh to be in-keeping with their new ethics. They wanted to create a brand that was able to portray their new ‘greener’ approach so we gently tweaked the logo just enough to give it a new look, but not too much as to change their previous visual identity.

Pause Logo Design

Pause Logo design
We were asked by Pause to create a logo for a new cat cafe that was being planned in Bournemouth, Dorset. The owner, Jaya, asked us to design a logo that somehow incorporated a cat into the typeface, while still looking clean and modern. We used a taller typeface to help keep the shape of the cat and also used simple marks to create the cats features.


Fresh Logo

We were approached to design a logo for a new charity based in Bournemouth called Fresh. This organisation aims to help impoverished children in Dorset and the surrounding areas, and this is a concept that the owner, Jaya, wanted to incorporate into her brand. To help portray the child/teenage audience, Jaya wanted something that was both colourful with a cool and distinct look. We went for a slightly arty look, with the grudge-effect boxes and rough typeface to help entice teenage children to the charity.


Creative Logo Design in Poole, Dorset

Here at Coast Agency, we pride ourselves in creating bespoke logo design that is personal and individual to your business, all from our seaside office in Poole, Dorset! We don’t use templates or reuse illustrations that some other designers have been doing in recent years – everything we do is tailored to your business and its target audience.

What do we do differently to other logo design agencies? 

  • We listen to you.
    We are here to help you and your business excel, so to make sure we do our best, we listen to you and find out all we can about your business and where you want to take it. This enables us to create a logo that is perfect for you!
  • We are target audience driven.
    Unlike some other logo design agencies, we don’t just create logos that look great. We can design your logo to look great and also to speak to your target audience and potential clients.
  • Bespoke to your needs.
    We never use templates or stock images as we want your logo to be as bespoke as your business. We create everything we do from scratch – from the drawing board to the computer, with your target market in focus.
  • We want you to succeed! 
    Some logo design agencies purely want your money! But we actually love creating logos that will stand the test of time and really enjoy watching you positively progress in your business.