Why is design important? A common question, with a simple answer.


A question that pops up quite often, especially to our designers, is why is design important? From our point of view, it’s important for a number of reasons.

The first one being its ability to differentiate. Without design, no packet of crumbly biscuits would look different, no pair of trainers would ever look cooler than the next or more interesting. It’s important to give us an identity, to give us choices.

The second one being its ability to inspire. Now, despite what some people may think, no design is every completely original; every designer takes inspiration from others, whether it be from their own design work or things like photography or film. It has a wonderful capability of moving us through our work and giving us the ideas and motivation to create great things.

The third one being its ability to communicate. Communication is an essential part of our lives and design helps to make this easier. Whether you want to communicate the positive points of your business or want to shout about your new innovative ideas, design helps to give your clients and consumers the vital information you want them to know.

Lastly, design is necessary to colour our world and make our lives more engaging and much more fun!