Heatric 25 year anniversary pack

Heatric’s compact printed circuit heat exchangers are proven technology for demanding heat exchange duties, primarily in the Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Chemical Processing sectors. A unique combination of compactness and versatility with an unmatched capacity make them ideal for physically, chemically and thermodynamically demanding applications. With sales offices in Poole, Houston, Rio, Singapore and Sydney as well as its network of agents across all other areas of the world, Heatric provides a global and bespoke service to its customers and partners.

Featured Work

Heatric recently celebrated their 25 year anniversary and approached us to create something special to give away to customers and staff. They made the decision to hand out various branded free gifts but didn’t know how to package them to distribute to the relevant people. We came up with a number of options but the most popular was an edgy presentation box. To keep it in line with the brand, we wanted to include some of Heatric’s company information so we utilised the space on the inside of the lid. Heatric’s core brand colour is a strong red, so we didn’t want to use this as the primary colour on the box. Instead, we decided to use their grey as the out sleeve colour to contrast with the red underneath. We wanted a way of hinting at it before you open the pack and developed a nice shaped cutter to give a touch of colour and also an abstract reflection of their process.