Nick Hind

Nick is a leading educational thinker, passionate about supporting people who want to make a difference. For over a decade, Nick has worked with schools, colleges, universities and Government departments both within the UK and internationally, to challenge audiences to be their very best. Prior to his independent work, Nick has been the Headteacher of three very successful schools, a local authority advisor, a HMI Ofsted inspector, a QCA Consultant and an author. Inspiring others lies at the heart of Nick’s work. His innovative thinking has resulted in the formulation of procedures and processes that have been adopted by schools across the United Kingdom.

Featured Work

We were introduced to Nick as an ex-teacher, headmaster, Ofsted inspector and all round, creative thinker. Having dedicated his life to education he was keen to help others whose job was to inspire and teach. As an educational consultant, Nick wanted a logo that was both approachable yet authoritative and looked fresh and established. From there we were asked to design business cards, a website and a corporate folder. We wanted to give Nick a complete brand, a look and feel, to help him… ..Pass it on!