Pause Cat Cafe

Pause Cat Cafe is the South’s first cat cafe situated in the heart of Bournemouth, Dorset. They have created this retreat to connect with friends and animals while being served  excellent quality, healthy, kind food and drink.

Featured Work

With the South’s first cat cafe on the horizon, the creator of Pause, Jaya De Costa, approached the Coast team to create a new logo for the upcoming Bournemouth cafe. Jaya wanted a logo that would reflect the very nature and essence of her organisation – cats! Taking a modern approach, we wanted to keep the typeface simple and contemporary while incorporating symbol or icon that would represent the feline aspect of the cafe. With this in mind, we used the letters to create a cat icon in the centre and used cool greys and a vibrant orange to give it a playful look.

Using the logo as a guide, we then designed the business cards and compliment slips and chose a very cute ginger cat to be the face of the design!