Tetra aquarium pack

Tetra is an international manufacturer and supplier of food, test, care, remedy and equipment products for aquariums and ponds.

Featured Work

In an attempt to increase the numbers of junior customers, Tetra wanted to spark children’s interest with a bright and colourful aquarium. The team at Coast were asked to create and illustrate a gang of friendly fish to add fun and interest to the design while encouraging kids to participate in fishkeeping. Firstly, we had to illustrate characters for the pack making sure we injected personality and vibrancy into each one. Once the client was happy with the style, the pack then began to take shape, following the same style and with the use of a hand drawn typeface. As well as the packaging, we had to illustrate a double-sided poster to use as a backdrop for the tank which helps give the tank added character when set-up. The end result was a bold and bright pack with a friendly feel that we hoped would appeal to the little aquarium adventurer.