Wildwood Trust

The Wildwood Trust is an organisation that is dedicated to nurturing British wildlife past and present and maintaining their heritage.




Featured Work

The Wildwood Trust approached the team at Coast to create an annual report for their internal communications and also a leaflet to help promote their Devon & Kent sites.

The annual report was to contain financial information and news to inform colleagues and partners so it had to be clear and precise without fancy and over-embellished design features. We used earthy tones to reflect the natural side of the organisation along with the occasional rugged line to add interest and depth. The rest of the annual report is kept clean and modern with straight lines and muted tones. Throughout the annual report we have inserted pictures supplied by The Wildwood Trust to add impact and inject more colour throughout the booklet.

The leaflet design need to take on a different look and feel. Being customer facing, it had to be bright and attractive to entice customers to the centres. Using a rough off-set illustrative style, we created icons and patterns of nature orientated objects, such as leaves, pine cones and the animals present at Wildwood. The angular boxes and images add depth to the overall design which is very different to the annual report; something we really wanted to achieve.