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One Year, cold beer!

Posted on: October 13th, 2016 by Jez

Friends toasting with beer


We all know time flies when you’re having fun, but Coast’s first year at North Street has come quicker than expected! Exactly one year ago today, we started our new adventure here and our love for the studio has just grown and grown. From a rather plain space, the office was transformed into a wonderfully bright and airy studio with plenty of space for growth and of course, ball games!

During our first year, we’ve celebrated Christmas 2015, enjoyed too many delicious delicacies from M&S, welcomed exciting new clients, laughed until our bellies have hurt and watched seagulls swoop down and steal peoples’ chips! It’s been a great year and we feel privileged to be in a place where we can be in the heart of a town and still feel the sea breeze through our windows!

It’s time to grab a cold beer and raise our glasses to a fantastic first year while welcoming a new one with open arms!