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The Zoo’s new Paw Print!

Posted on: July 19th, 2019 by Jez

When the new CEO, Veronica Crisp, took over the Isle of Wight Zoo, she wanted to breathe new life inside of it’s gates and cause a stir outside! 

When she arrived, there were 5 new rescue tigers on their way from Spain and this was the start of some clever advertising, strong campaigner and a new look and design for the zoo. 

After we created a new look and feel for the boxes, the logo was still the same and started to look lost in the new, fun look of the emerging marketing material. 

It wasn’t long before our new brand began to emerge and the final logo was completed. In-keeping with the fun, earthy style of the previous marketing collateral, we created a new logo that keeps their brand tight and consistent. 



To follow the theme through, we then created a separate logo for the cafe and also the shop, both with the same typeface and a different colour paw print. 

Once the new brand was beginning to roll out on our printed collateral, it began emerging on signage and other elements around the zoo. This began giving the brand and wholesome and well rounded look.